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Welcome to Cross Plains
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Business of the year!

J and L Sales

This year's selected Business of the Year is J & L Sales.
J & L Sales began in 1996 as a partnership with Joe Kemp and Lowell Martin as owners. I was initially opened as a consignment business with outdoor products as its main target. This was soon dominated by hunting products. J & L moved away from the consignment business and into the hunting supply product’s as its primary inventory. In 2005 the partnership was dissolved with Joe Kemp purchasing Lowell Martins interest in the company. J & L continues to operate at the corner supplying the hunting industry with products and service that you now know today.

Incorporated in 1911

Cross Plains has a long history of peanuts, oil booms, and Conan the Barbarian. Peanuts were a major industry here and some residents remember those days well. The town's population peaked in 1925 with the oil boom and has remained around the 1,000 mark ever since.