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Welcome to Cross Plains
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Business of the year!

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This year's selected Business of the Year is The Butcher Block.
Robert Lee began working for Vondean and Alvin Hutchins at Hutchins Custom Meat Processing in 2008. He and (CharlotteandRobert Lee) Charlotte bought the plant in September 2014. Future plans are to increase their retail line. They have recently renovated an old out of commission freezer and now have it ready to go for expanded inventory. Robert and Charlotte and are in the process of picking items they think would appeal to Cross Plains locals the most. Stop by their location and congratulate them!

Incorporated in 1911

Cross Plains has a long history of peanuts, oil booms, and Conan the Barbarian. Peanuts were a major industry here and some residents remember those days well. The town's population peaked in 1925 with the oil boom and has remained around the 1,000 mark ever since.